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Graduation: Continue Living Like A Student Or Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

post graduation lifestyleGraduation day will be one of the most exciting and memorable days of a persons life. Whether it’s a young person graduating from high school or someone who has obtained their college degree the feeling of hard won accomplishment is like no other.

Graduating from school can also bring some stress that did not exist before that day. When a person graduates it is often seen as the start of their life. For a young person it will be expected that they will be striking out on their own, learning to live life as a full-fledged adult. That being said, a new graduate should look hard at the realities of upgrading or changing their lifestyle before any drastic changes are made.

The choice of a lifestyle upgrade will largely depend on whether or not the student has been working while in school. More often than not the first major purchase a young person will make is a car, which in turn may cause a monthly car payment along with monthly car insurance payments. If the new graduate lives with their parents, moving out on their own is another wish to check off the list which in turn causes another monthly payment to consider. Living on your own also means paying utility bills for your dwelling, buying groceries, paying for your communication device (i.e. cell phone) and being responsible for your own health care.

Unfortunately what this can sometimes cause is a young person with too much debt to handle. Most new graduates are working entry level jobs which may not pay too well. Add to that the peer-pressure of buying designer clothes or eating at the latest trendy restaurant. Suddenly that paycheck is not quite big enough and the car payment starts to fall behind schedule, or a credit card payment is not made on time. Now you have the making of a disaster that will affect the new graduate for years to come. As soon as you are late with a payment your credit report is impacted in a negative way. Once you have a negative item listed on your credit report it could take months or even years to have this item removed from your report. Understanding how your credit report works and keeping it up to date and correct is one of the most important things anyone can do for themselves. Thousands of people have their identities stolen every month simply because they have no understand of how a credit score is calculated and how to keep their credit report “clean”.

Graduation is an exciting time and it should be enjoyed and celebrated. Having the ability afford a lifestyle upgrade is also something to be excited about, but must be thought our carefully and realistically. Maintaining a budget, sticking to it and starting a retirement account may seem like something far out in the future but the sooner you start the easier you will find life to be later. The years go by faster than you may think.

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What Should You Study In Undergrad To Prepare For Law School?

law school for undergradSo you have made the decision to study the law. Most students preparing for law school assume that prelaw should be the course to study as an undergraduate but that is not necessarily the case. Those who choose to study the law often complete their undergraduate studies in other fields such as Literature or History. The most important thing to remember is whatever courses you choose study hard and challenge yourself.

That being said, there are some undergraduate courses that will help to prepare you for a career in the law. If you think about what a lawyer does throughout their career such as public speaking, writing law briefs, debating cases, etc., you will begin to see how undergraduate courses in these types of disciplines will help in the pursuit of a law degree.

Completing a course in writing or English would be one suggestion since all lawyers write. Being able to write well is a great advantage. Unfortunately in todays world parents do not read to their children as much as in the past and many college age students are graduating without being able to write, something that is very hard to teach on the job.

Understanding the way our Government works, as well as its history is another subject necessary to understanding the law. Understanding people and how we tick, i.e. Philosophy and Psychology are other areas of study that will help a person along in their law career. Joining a debate team will allow you to practice facing off with others. Some may think that debate is an easy thing, but trying to persuade someone that your idea is the correct one is not always so easy.

Studies in the area of Criminology are also very useful in helping to understand the criminal court process as well as the many policies and procedures that govern our police departments.

It is best to keep in mind that there are no set criteria for studies as a law school undergraduate. The American Bar Association has no rules governing undergraduates in this manner. Students who decide to study the law come from all walks of life with many different experiences. Some are young and some are older, bringing their years of experience with them. The most important thing to remember is to pick undergraduate studies that you will enjoy and a subject that you will do well in.

Elon Musk’s Quest To Mars

Elon_Musk_in_Mission_Control_at_SpaceXFounder of three of the biggest movers at the moment – Tesla Motors, Solar City, and SpaceX – Elon Musk has made the bold claim that if he does not see man bridge the gap between earth to the moon again in his life-time, he will be “very disappointed.”

Starting SpaceX with the sole focus of completing this aim, the entrepreneur is known for his outstanding passion and interest in the space projects across the globe. He recently took a q7a session where he offered a real insight into his thinking behind the quest for a return to the moon, and other space projects.

Despite taking many questions about various other situations, like his other projects and the recent problems with a SpaceX rocket which brought a lot of attention, he concentrated quote heavily on his passion for a lunar landing.

Musk also noted the importance of teamwork and co-operation between all of the governments and agencies which are joined in the space travel program across the world. He believes that a coalition would not only speed up the process massively, but remove the competitive element for the good of man.

The Dream: Mission Mars

Speaking about the difficulties man faces in getting to Mars, he also spoke of the necessity for re-usable rockets. Quoted on, he noted that “Every mode of transport we use today is reusable, but not rockets. If humanity is to expand beyond Earth, it is critical we solve this problem.”

Working on technology towards this end, the SpaceX Grasshopper is aimed towards the development of rockets which can land itself after detaching. This will not only cut down massively on production costs, but will help more projects take place as there would be higher-quality rockets to use.

However, he spoke most strongly about his “need” to see humanity on Mars. Sadly, he lamented that with the amount of time and resources Tesla requires from him, that he could never take the lead with SpaceX, leaving the door open to another company to really come to the fore to lead the charge.

“The United States is a nation of explorers,” Musk said. “People need to believe its possible and it will not bankrupt them or mean giving up something like healthcare. It’s not a question of how. It’s a question of will.”

4 Pressing Human Rights Issues Around The World

Human trafficking, rights violations, diplomatic issues, refugees…all of these issues continue to be relevant when it comes to pressing human rights issues around the world. While we like to think that all of these concerns are a thing of the past there are still many places around the world facing human rights issues.

While some countries have possible solutions in the works, most of the human rights issued the world faces are likely to continue for years to come. Sadly, a lot of these issues don’t get addressed often enough either because they are so common, or because they are so distant from our own safe and secure lives. Below are four concerning statistics and facts about human trafficking, occurring right now that the world collectively needs to address.

1. Child Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Thailand
Thailand is a beautiful nation that many people travel to on holiday or business related travel, and it has become quite successful in a number of industries. Unfortunately, one of the largest industries in Thailand is child prostitution. While it is illegal there isn’t anyone enforcing these laws and many people, mostly children, are being sold, used and traded. Thailand is famous for its “sex tourism” from foreigners. It’s an issue constantly being talked about but despite continual efforts it’s still occurring at frightening levels.

2. Reforms have failed in Myanmar
The fight for human rights legal enforcement was strong in Myanmar, a mountainous region in Southeast Asia, but the efforts haven’t done enough. UN representatives have traveled there and said that various legal reforms did indeed lead to an improvement in situations but still, there are many human rights shortcomings that haven’t been addressed. This is unfortunate because every day people are still being jailed wrongly and falling into a cruel and unjust legal system. Reform will have to continue and change its focus if Myanmar is to be place where people are free from the fear of having their rights violated.

3. Australia and Discrimination in the Workplace
While Australia has laws against discrimination in the workplace, and has since the early 1970’s, it continues to be a subject that many people feel they are vulnerable to. The law states that people can’t be discriminated against based on race, color, sex or religion but many people still complain that they have been wrongly denied employment because of one of those parameters. Unfortunately, it is something that is difficult to prove but at least the legal system is there to try and back up individuals who feel they’ve been discriminated against when necessary.

4. Slavery is still out there
It’s been over 150 years since slavery was banned in most countries but the trade continues. Brazil was the last country to distance themselves from slave trade but it still has problems with this heinous problem. There have been many cases in New York recently that involve human trafficking as well, and people being forced into slavery to survive. It’s a horrible situation but when people are desperate that’s what they’ll do, and there are plenty of traffickers ready to take advantage of their dire situation.

Why I Chose To Become A Veterinarian

Today’s post is from SCHS Alumni Richard Dawkins:

It’s no secret that veterinary school can be a very expensive route to choose, and that vets often don’t get the same respect as human doctors. Our salaries are never as large as regular doctors, and our jobs are often thankless. So if it wasn’t for the glory, the respect, or the salary, why did I become a veterinarian? Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should To Go To College

KingsCollegeChapelWith tuition prices skyrocketing to incredibly obscene levels (tuition costs have soared out of control in most U.S. schools), the question of whether one really needs to go to college in order to be successful.

While there are some profitable jobs that pay healthy salaries that don’t require a traditional 4 year college degree (granted, you certainly won’t be making a neurosurgeon salary without 15 years of training), going to college isn’t just about finding a high paying job. College can be an experience in itself. Here are 5 reasons why you should go to college other than money.

1. Meet People

You can certainly meet people outside of college, but its not the same. Almost anyone who has been to college will tell you it was the most social time of their life, and a crucial formative period where they made lifelong friends. Every day you’ll be in contact with students your age, many of whom will share similar interests, all looking for other people to connect with.

Of course, if your primary reason for going to college is fo the experience, it probably doesn’t make sense to enter a program with sky high tuition costs. Find a reasonably priced college, or better yet, go abroad to pursue your studies. Continue reading

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Breed

Chihuahua_puppyI love my dogs. I’ve been raising dogs ever since I was a little kid, and it always saddens me to see when dog owners adopt a dog and give them up a few months or years down the road. I think much of this could be avoided if dog owners put a little more effort into choosing the right dog for themselves up front.

Thinking of getting yourself a little buddy? Dogs might be man’s best friend, but adopting or buying a dog is a big commitment, and it’s important that you fully consider all the ramifications before picking out a new best friend to take home.

Remember, dogs will not only take up your time in terms of exercising, feeding, and grooming, they’re also extremely social creatures that need play and attention – some dogs more than others. There’ s more to consider in choosing a dog beyond whether they have a cute face or seem clever.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right dog breed.

1. Are You Allergic?
If you’re allergic to dogs, you’ll want to choose a breed that doesn’t shed, or sheds minimally.

2. Do you have kids?
Some dogs are better with kids than others. While well trained dogs in general are almost always safe to allow around kids, the fact remains that some dogs are more dangerous than others. Some dogs are less social or more aggressive by nature, and won’t enjoy being poked and prodded by a toddler as much as other breeds might.

3. Will your circumstances change?
Everyone wants to adopt a younger dog, but you can do a lot for an older dog as well. Most people don’t want to adopt an older dog and shelters often find it harder to place them with loving homes. But if you can’t commit to owning a dog for the next 10-15 years, due to job circumstances or other reasons, adopting an owning dog will give a loving home to an appreciative little new friend, without the burden of giving up a dog for adoption when you need to move a few years down the road.

Hopefully these tips help you make a better choice when it comes time to pick up your dog. Dogs are incredible creatures, and I’m sure you won’t regret your decision to open your home to a canine, but that doing a little homework up front will ensure the right match.

If you’d like more tips on adoption, here’s a great article with additional information.

3 Important Tips To Keep In Mind When Backcountry Hiking

320px-AT_-_Franconia_RidgeBack country hiking can be one of the best experiences that you can have out in the wilderness. Of course, you do need to have a little know-how in order to get around the woods without too many mosquito bites, scrapes, and scuffs on your boots. It’s a dangerous world out there, and you can get hurt if you don’t keep safety in mind while you’re out trekking. Here are three important tips that you need to remember when you go on your next major hike.

1. Keep hydrated. Unless you are in an emergency that can cause you to drink urine as a last resort, you should always remember to drink hydrating drinks while you are hiking. This means that you should avoid energy drinks, sodas, and alcohol while hiking. Otherwise, you can end up getting dehydrated. So, if you value your health, it’s best to stay hydrated with good ol’ fashion water. Most great hikers guzzle at least a gallon per day.

2. Have a remedy for mosquito bites on hand, or better yet, a small first aid kit. You would not believe how many injuries can happen while back country hiking. Whether it’s a nasty snake bite, a scratch from a spiky plant, or a sprained ankle, a lot can happen. It’s a smart idea to carry a couple of painkillers, some gauze, some band aids, and a small tube of anti-itch cream in your first aid kit. You’ll be glad you did if you accidentally step in poison ivy!

3. Don’t get lost. The easiest way to transform a great hiking trip with friends to a living nightmare is to get lost. If you want to avoid the terror that can happen when you realize you’re in the middle of the woods without a clue of how to head home, carry a mobile GPS unit with you. Or, better yet, stick to the trails that are on your map. If you can’t keep on a trail without wandering off, make sure you go out on the trail with a guide.

Why Is Crime So High In Detroit?

Detroit skyline

Detroit skyline

Detroit has consistently named one of the most dangerous cities in the US year after year for about a decade, if not more. People often wonder what caused Detroit to become such a crime-filled area, but it can easily be explained by the shutdown of most of the area’s factories, as well as the corrupt politics that made it easy for crime to take hold once unemployment hits. However, that doesn’t explain why Detroit is now considered the most dangerous city in the USA right now… Continue reading

Facing Your Fears

fearThere are countless weird phobias out there and all of us suffers from our own, and at just about any age, no matter how irrational they may seem. Luckily there are a number of ways to address what you are afraid like noticing how you feel at certain times, during certain situations and even some cool facts about dreams that can clue you into what you are afraid of and why. Every dream and every emotion you’ll ever has bears some sort of meaning to your life, and it can help you understand yourself and what is the true cause of your phobias.

Slightly more common weird phobias range from Arachnophobia, a fear of spiders to Phobophobia, a fear of fear itself. There are people afraid of heights, beautiful women, cleanliness, and even the fear of your own reflection. These weird phobias can make it difficult to live a normal life because they end up running your life, basically out of control because of these irrational thoughts. Facing your fears is a necessity in order to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

A great way to start facing your fears is to understand where they come from’ this is where those cool facts about dreams can help you out. Think about what you dream about and see what relevance it has for your life. It might stem back to your childhood or maybe an event that took place just a couple years ago. Finding the root of these issues and confronting them yourself is not only important but improve the quality of your life.

If your personal demons (weird phobias) aren’t something you can quickly identify and move on from then try doing things you enjoy in order making living with the condition easier to tolerate until you find a solution to the problem. Whether you like playing video games or watching a favorite television show, or just hanging out with some friends; do it. Whatever it is you enjoy that can get your mind off the fear and get you back on the productive track, then go for it and eventually you’ll get a handle on your fears.